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1 noviembre, 2016 - 6 noviembre, 2016

Del 1 al 6 de noviembre, Antonio Serrano participará en Harmonica Masters Workshops 2016 realizando una masterclass sobre «Fundamentos de la armónica cromática» que incluirá técnica instrumental y mostrará cómo crear un sonido grande y limpio. Se abordarán los diferentes estilos en los que Serrano destaca y será un taller muy participativo, abierto a las peticiones de los asistentes.


As a boy, Antonio Serrano studied chromatic harmonica with the great Larry Adler and has since gone on to become one of its finest practitioners, covering a huge range of styles from classical to jazz, pop, rock, blues and not least, flamenco. He has performed with numerous world-renowned musicians including Paco de Lucia and Wynton Marsalis.

His class at the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2016 will cover fundamental instrumental technique as well as showing students how to create a big, clean sound. He will also discuss approaches to different styles and is naturally open to requests for particular topics. Players of all levels and musical directions are welcome.

Exercises to build solid technique – scales, arpeggios, progressions.
Learn to practice efficiently – using a metronome, focussing on one thing at a time, avoiding unnecessary effort, finding the best practicing speed.
Understanding the instrument and its limitations (impossible phrasings, almost impossible trills etc.). How to find a balance between what can be played comparatively easily, and what is very difficult to execute. Examples by Toots, Larry Adler and Stevie Wonder, all of whom approach this subject in intelligent and artistic ways.
Embouchure – tongue block vs. pucker, pros and cons of using one or the other. Octaves and intervals.

Getting a big, clean sound by learning to control the air column in the vocal tract.
Different types of vibrato (hand vibrato, tongue vibrato, throat vibrato).
How to work with a microphone (on a stand or holding it in the hands). Dynamic or condensor microphones.

How the chromatic harmonica has been used in different styles such as jazz, blues, classical or flamenco. Antonio will provide examples and analyse what is happening technically.
Each style requires the mastery of different techniques. Learn to identify what is happening technically so you can practice in that particular direction.


1 noviembre, 2016
6 noviembre, 2016
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