Article by Fernando Neira in El País on Antonio Serrano

26 Jul 2021

That a renowned music journalist like Fernando Neira lists ANTONIO SERRANO as “the most virtuoso harmonica player in the world” in EL PAIS, and also makes a detailed analysis of his life and work, shows that effort and a job well done have their recognition.

On the occasion of the artist’s recent concert at the CaixaForum’s Summer Nights series, in which all available tickets were sold out and Serrano premiered his new show, CLAZZICAL, the music journalist delved into his personal and musical career, placing special emphasis on how the harmonica is seen within the musical art.

With the new project CLAZZICAL, Antonio Serrano and his quartet (drummer Stephen Keog, double bassist Toño Miguel and pianist Albert) breathe genuine jazz breath into celebrated melodies from the classical repertoire. The result, it is good to know, seems surprising. If there is any earthling who does not yet know the Hymn to Joy and hears Serrano for the first time, he will undoubtedly think that this is a genuine New Orleans tune.

Thank you from Kamala Producciones for your extensive reflection and exquisite assessment approached from the great knowledge you have as a musicologist of classical music.


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